The quality of pufatherm®-boards is shown in comparison to the insulating values ​​of concrete and brick wall of a house.


®pufatherm-boards are ideal for the removal of condensation water damage with mould-formation, due to their construction-physical characteristics (no moisture penetration, temperature-increasing effect). They do neither decompose or mould, nor provide a breeding ground for mildew. They are odour-free. ®pufatherm-boards are resistant against concrete, chalk, plaster as well as efflorescences, alcalies and just about all watery mediums (not resistant against organic solvents).

  • format: 8 x 50 cm x 100 cm = 4 m2
  • heat conductivity (measured) λ: 0,035 W/mК according DIN 52612
  • coefficient of thermal resistance R: 0,2 m2 К/W
  • heat absorption b: 2,4 kJ/m2h0,5K
  • water vapour retarder value: μ *s: 2,7 m
  • water vapour permeability resistance factor: μ according to DIN 52615: 450
  • thickness: 7 mm
  • flammability class: B2 according to DIN 4102 (bond to mineral surface with wallpaper and emulsion paint)
  • 1 m2 ≈ 245 g
  • 1 m3 ≈ 35 kg
  • -60 °C – +100 °C
  • Art.-Nr. 6708-EX
  • Shelf life: unlimited


  • on cold exterior walls
  • on damp exterior walls
  • on cold partition walls
  • on cold cellar walls
  • at heat bridges, plastercracks
  • in corners
  • at heat loss in radiator niches
  • on window- and door reveals
  • upon and in shutter boxes
  • on walls, behind furniture
  • on ceilings
  • on roof slopes